Top 10 Fastest Internet Providers in the World

Here’s a list of fastest internet provider in the world. As We know people always want best services from their internet provider company so that they can work efficiently. Quality performance, customer service and internet speed are some best services that make ISP Company rating high worldwide. It is tough to find the best internet service provider that fit to your personal and business needs. Here, I would like to share information about the top rated internet service providers worldwide. It helps you to find the best service provider working in your area.

10. DSL Extreme

Whether you need to get ADSL 2 + or DSL services, DSL extreme is the best choice for you. It offers speedy, efficient and quick services with the best account features and technical support. For these reasons, it is included in the top 10 list of internet service providers worldwide.

fastest internet provider DSL extreme

DSL extreme


9. Juno

It is the best ISP available in almost 8,000 cities worldwide and across the USA. It offers unlimited internet services to its viewers at affordable prices. Whether you want dial up or DSL internet, it provides you the reliable, fast and efficient service.

fastest internet provider Juno



8. Netscape

It provides powerful and unlimited internet services to its viewers by giving it everything they need to stay online. Maximum speed of internet starts from 1 Mb to 100 Mb based on customer subscription.

fastest internet provider Netscape



7. PeoplePC

This firm believes to provide you enjoyable, secure and efficient online experience. It is placed at the number seven position in term of fast internet speed but People worldwide recommend the services of this firm. When you review the rating of people worldwide, it will help you to evaluate the possible speed ration of this company.

fastest internet provider people pc

People PC


6. Verizon

It plays an effective role in energizing good market place, quality, innovation and style for its customers. Customers worldwide prefer to use the services of this firm due to its cheap internet package. The speed is somewhat slow as compared to other top ranking companies but reliability and flow level is always constant.

fastest internet provider Verizon


5. Time Warner

This firm concerns the need of business and common people equally by providing efficient and high speed internet services. For these reasons, it is one of the top-rated internet provider firms worldwide. It is placed at number five while counting customer rating on its internet speed.

fastest internet provider Time Warner

Time Warner


4. AOL

Whether you need high speed broadband or dial up internet connection, AOL is the right ISP for you. It will enhance your ability of staying online while using high speed network. It offers variety of choices to its consumers so that they always prefer to use the services of AOL firm only. It offers fastest speed internet based on cable system to its customers.

fastest internet provider AOL



3. Comcast

It is one of the best internet service providers of information, entertainment and communication. It has started work with simple cable system and now it provides enhanced coverage service for sports, news and high speed internet speed for global audiences.

fastest internet provider Comcast



2. EarthLink

It is the leading service provider with advanced services for large and small business, residential users, and enterprise customers and across America. It provides communication and internet access to people and has won award-winning popularity for customer and product innovation. The speed of this ISP provider is not much faster than Cox.

fastest internet provider Earthlink



1. Cox

It is the world best internet service provider company that offers many benefits to people in cheap prices. It makes use of cable modem technology with fiber optics to boost a good speed of internet for photos, video, music and other large file access. In addition, 1 GB email storage option is provided. It provides 800KBps + by using downloading option of multi-threaded. It gives you 1GB of fiber connection to its quality customers to fulfill their needs.

fastest internet provider Cox


Do You use one of those fastest internet provider in the world?